Luv ’til it Hurts likes to meet people and share what we’re up to. Sometimes we help make events and exhibitions, and we also ‘luv’ informal conversations that become ‘letters’ on the site. See Luv Letters and our other Features. Whether online or in person, we’d LUV to share our game with you. Please use it to make your own encounters if it works; otherwise, let us know how we can participate in what you’re doing. Download the LUV game from site (LuvHurts.co) starting on World AIDS Day, Dec 1 2019.

Character Development à la Proust

[*I totally misunderstood what you wanted me to do with the ‘Proust Questionnaire’ and just answered the original. I get it now … you’re gonna ask me these questions in a new fresh way. Is that it? Go ahead, and we’ll link my new fresh answers here!] hey ego sum frank (aka Dr. Prof. ego…

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Think Twice Questions for Luv

My name is Todd Lanier Lester and I started the project, Luv ‘til it Hurts, a two-year project on HIV & stigma. The Think Twice Collective has agreed to join the LUV ‘coalition’ … I’ll explain what that is along the way, but just wanted to say thanks for being in an open-ended conversation with…

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A Conversation with Artist Eric Rhein

New York based artist Eric Rhein speaks about his two exhibits, Lifelines, whichhave been on view in his home state of Kentucky.Lifelines is an exhibition at two locations in Lexington: at Institute 193 throughJuly 27 th , and the Lexington’s 21c Museum Hotel, through the end of August.Todd Lanier Lester, of the Luv ‘til it…

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Interview With Ankh Association

TL: A mutual friend and queer activist in Cairo was helping me find a place to stay in Paris only a few days before my trip. I somehow end up sleeping on your couch in the suburbs of Paris. You two make the Ankh Association that supports LGBTQQI and HIV+ folks in the Middle East…

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Eric Rhein: Lifelines

Our partner Eric Rhein opens a beautiful exhibition at Institute 193, showing from June 19 – July 24. Don’t miss it! See: Institute 193’s Facebook event

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