Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a randomized series of new stories. –some poems, some prose, some both. These works in progress imagine the Launch of Luv ’til It Hurts as a point of departure to consider the prospective, imagined and re-imagined legacies of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in some future time.

Poet, writer, activist, and conceptual artist Brad Walrond.

Drawing by Dig Ferreira

Brad’s multi-disciplinary work explores the nexus between virtual reality, identity formation and human consciousness at the intersection of race, gender, sex, and desire. His first collection of poems and prose entitled: “Every Where Alien,” will be published later this year by Moore Black Press. You can find out more at and follow him @bradwalrond on Facebook and Instagram.

Brad is also debuting ‘da Boogie Down’, a suite of poems, including:


contract work

Luv ‘Til It Hurts: the Launch

Luv ‘Til It Hurts was formally launched October 27, 2018 at the historic LGBTQ Center in New York City. In keeping with Luv ‘til it Hurts stated mission,  ‘’to be a porous container, it aspires to ‘hold’ people together  long enough for essential introductions and exchange ideas’’ for me at the time of this writing,…

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