A timeline for Luv ’til it Hurts is comprised of two years and approximately three acts. [See: ACT I, ACT I.5]

In its present form, Luv ’til it Hurts lasts two years. This timeframe runs (roughly) from its launch at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam (July 2018)* in partnership with Taiwanese artist Kairon Liu and his Humans as Hosts project through July 2020 and the next International AIDS Conferences in Mexico City and San Francisco. The rationale of a timed or ‘durational’ project is discussed in Why Make an Open Work?. In addition to a specific duration, Luv ’til it Hurts also builds up over three acts, milestones that presuppose changes of rhythm along the project’s two-year timeline. Something new or different or un-yet-imagined at the beginning of project will surely follow.


Luv ’til it Hurts is comprised of three acts. For the sake of imagination, let’s call them GAME (Act I), BUSINESS PLAN (Act II), and MARKETIZATION (Act III). For more insight into the acts, see What about Elton?. While there are multiple stakeholders involved across the project’s duration, there will be lead artists engaged for each of the three acts. These artists have been invited to help with specific points for which both design and strategy are essential. Their involvement then gives way to an ‘act’. Egyptian artist Adham Bakry is involved in ACT I. Brazilian artist PogoLand is involved in ACT II. Polish artist Jakub Szczęsny is involved in ACT III along with US artists Eric Rhein and Brad Walrond, as well Brazilian artist Paula Nishijima for the Think Twice Collective.

[*The film Cidade Queer by Danila Bustamante in partnership with Lanchonete.org was also screened at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam (July 2018) hosted by Mavi Veloso.]