LUV is messy

LUV is messy, a can ‘o worms

… NO, rather a diorama encasing the heart, leaf, spaceship, firefly, hummingbird & ankh, symbols that advance its plot.

  1. The HEART symbol came first. It was carved into a tree at the same time as the words, Luv ‘til it Hurts. The spelling of luv was changed forever, and the buxom HEART became a megaphone–pumping loudly and emitting reverberations. Desirous of speed, its incumbent pangs, swarm-like, fragment into projectiles before taking flight.
  1. Some are docile like a LEAF, swaying not so far from the tree as it plummets and alights akimbo atop the galaxy. 
  1. Confused for magic carpets, an armada of over 300 leaves is best seen from one spectacular SPACESHIP with a glass-bottom viewing deck (license no. 00-1986).
  1. Small hovercraft break off the mothership, attached only by bloody umbilica … offal burns off at light-speed to reveal dart-shaped poetics with bright, anti-venom tips and soft names in each language: luciérnaga, vagalume, FIREFLY.
  1. Unlike asteroids these do not burn out, but intensify permanently as constellations, dayglo beacons–seen first by the scout, a lone warrior two-steps ahead, oft fell by one pandemic in order to forewarn of the next–the function of phoenix, yet shape of the HUMMINGBIRD.
  1. Pre-word symbol and sound of ‘life’, ANKH cannot be seen until a supernovae eclipses all other stars and the black-hot, negative space of its shadow augurs one single [+] lifeforce. 

*The symbols are an interface where the framework of one artist ends and that of another begins. The symbology is constructed from limited viewpoints and experiences–a mosaic of opposing accuracies–that segue between individual and collective.

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