Frequently Asked Questions

Questions. So many questions. The LUV project is designed to provoke questions. One question we luv to answer is ‘how to get involved?’

How can I participate?

  • LUV is making a business plan for unearthing HIV-related stigmas. The plan takes two years to birth. LUV needs help with this and it usually requires multiple discussions. Please contact us.
  • LUV invites folks working on HIV to say (or show) what’s on their minds and/or how they do their work locally. For this we invite you to publish field notes or other features on the LUV site. Again, please contact us.
  • LUV is putting together a sorta traveling art/advocacy show. Maybe you have an idea for building the show or a venue that would like to receive it? Hey, you know the drill.
  • LUV is playful. We are playing a game. You can play it too. Download the LUV game, and tell us how you use it. Pretty please.

That’s actually it. The most important question is about participation. It feels nice to be understood, so we encourage lots of questions. A curator recently asked another artist to ask me (Todd) if I’m HIV positive. If I didn’t say it already, I am very very positive (HIV+). Please ask more questions.

One of the ways that LUV gets to know an artist or partner is by interviewing them. If interested, check out LUV interviews with Eric Rhein, the founders of Ankh Association, and Deza Nguembock who makes the CHAOS project. At the same time, artists, collectives and others can ask questions of LUV:

Think Twice Collective, based out of the University of Leiden, recently interviewed Todd Lanier Lester about the LUV project among other things.

ego sum frank (for MetaMorphineMachineFuriosaXXX) is leading LUV through a moderated interview process using Proust’s preferred character development questions.