**New Site**


The working group that comprises Luv ’til it Hurts–Brad Walrond (NYC), Paula Nishijima (Amsterdam) & Todd Lanier Lester (São Paulo )–is making a 15-20 artist group show entitled <<EXQUISITE CORPSE>> on HIV and related stigmas, one that evolves as it travels to each new location. The video letter is something we put together describing our collective working style, as is our artist statement. Additionally, artist/member Paula Nishijima has designed and curated the next version of our website to reflect the present state of our process. This **new site** goes live by the end of September 2020. En bref:

Luv ‘til it Hurts is a working group. Its outputs are collectively authored. 

LUV ‘til it Hurts is action research, insomuch as a methodological discussion transpires amongst artists pertaining to curating, institutional critique, cooperation, mutual aid and general peer-ship. 

It’s a constituency inviting others working on HIV and health to join their issues in a new configuration. We use this mothership as omnibus for visiting other hurts and stigmas such as those newly afoot with COVID-19. However, ‘pandemics’ is not a theme we wish to be limited by in the future.By making an exhibition such as EXQUISITE CORPSE, we offer an intermediary service to art institutions desiring their socially-engaged exhibits to come from deep dialogues with frontline activists on the themes of HIV & stigma. 


Luv ‘til it Hurts began as a two-year, uncharted project about HIV and Stigma. An odyssey, of sorts. Yet, a limited set of questions. A discussion that grew into a team. Its next-life is aligned with our urgency to keep talking…talking in different directions and including others. The experience of many, once a minefield of individual fears, instigates the rumbling of collective production power. We’re gathering our ideas on a common table, and planning for a future whose hope is in the disruption of our present. We are convinced that to strategize our next steps we need more than single linear energies, but a group, a multitude of voices prepared to sing (and shout), to harmonize and also disarrange. Luv ‘til it Hurts is a platform for real bodies to come onboard and co-pilot its playful unfolding, one set of interaction generating the next. Embark immediately @LuvTilitHurts.