House of Zion

The Legendary House of Zion was founded by Icon Pony Zion in Spring of 2007 in NYC. In 2016 Pony Zion was invited to São Paulo by for the EXPLODE! Residency, and ATAQUE, the first international ball of its size and public access up until then in São Paulo. After training all week and serving as a judge for ATAQUE, that night Pony named a father and mother to lead the new chapter that had formed, called House of Zion-Brasil. In January 2019, Pony Zion returned to São Paulo to visit with and support the Brasil chapter and perform during the third annual Vera Verão ball that House of Zion-Brasil makes with Coletivo Amem and other partners. 

House of Zion Debut at Luv ‘Til It Hurts Launch