Mixed Media

Looking for Lesbians

A collection of essays, artistic contributions, and two inserted zines, “Cidade Queer, uma Leitora” was developed as part of an 18-month inquiry in São Paulo. Initiated by Lanchonete.org and ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes, the Cidade Queer program was a broad collective inquiry into how can we understand the contemporary city through a queer, intersectional, non-normative lens. The program included a series of encounters, dinners,…

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Institute 193, the innovative gallery and publisher, has announced the publication of Eric Rhein: Lifelines  This is the first book from artist Eric Rhein: a unique monograph-memoir spanning three decades of his life and artwork. It features intimate photographs taken between 1989 and 2012—including self-portraits and images of friends and lovers from the period between…


HIV 2020: Aprendizajes para narración audiovisual con voz propia

[*For HIV2020, Juan De La Mar screened his autobiographical film, De Gris a POSITHIVO as part of a panel on 1st person narration along with Mariana Iacono, Jorge Garrido and Erick Cid.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqDEXTEgBRc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQWYMLOM9ro “De Gris a POSITHIVO” es un documental autobiográfico sobre mi experiencia y la de mi familia tras ser diagnosticadx VIH+. Compartiré…

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Exquisite Corpse

[*The working group that comprises Luv ’til it Hurts–Brad Walrond, Paula Nishijima & Todd Lanier Lester–asked designer / installation author, Jakub Szczęsny to tailor Exquisite Corpse expography to the first 15 artists featuring in a traveling show on HIV and related stigmas. We envision that Exquisite Corpse will change from location to location. Szczęsny’s exhibition…

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luv rules

When I first put out tent pegs for Luv ’til it Hurts (LUV), I framed it as a two-year period of R&D. The duration of the R&D is the (art) work. This is because I could guarantee to perform ‘research and development’ for a period that I determine duration. I aimed the process at a…

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What would you do tomorrow if it was the last day of your life (VIHda)?

“De Gris a POSITHIVO” Documental Autobiográfico de Juan De La Mar que hace parte de Luv ’til it Hurts, se encuentra seleccionado para “Media Library 2020 – Visions Du Réel, Festival Internacional de Cine de Nyon”. “De Gris a POSITHIVO,” an Autobiographical Documentary by Juan De La Mar, who is part of Luv ’til it…

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Eric RheinCommunion with Oak (self-portrait)1998, gelatin silver print, 20”x16” I walk with the shadows of the men I’ve known, and loved, and tasted, and feel, even still, the warmth of their breath against my skin. Eric Rhein    1992 _____________________ Eric Rhein is an artist living and working in New York. He has exhibited widely…

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I wanted to elaborate more on the concept of ‘transcendence’

Image: ‘Hummingbirds’ (Installation of 6), 2016, by artist Eric Rhein I wanted to elaborate more on the concept of ’transcendence’, mostly because I have some reservations about it. BUT, the fact that HIV is a disease that you live with took me to the place of transcendence. I departed from Eric’s work and paid especial attention to it. The aesthetics…

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Behind the Curtain #LPW2020

Behind the curtain “أنا مريضة إيدز ونفسى أتعامل كبنى آدمة، معملتش حاجة غلط علشان المجتمع ينبذنى ولما بمرض مش بلاقى دكتور يعاملنى كويس، وبقيت أخاف من الناس فاضطرت لارتداء النقاب خوفا من تعرف الناس على شخصيتى عند اللجوء لتلقى العلاج. ” “فى عام 2006 ظهرت الأعراض الأولية كإسهال وترجيع وسخونية، وفقدت الكثير من وزنى فبعد…

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Cidade Queer, a film

Watch: Queer City / Cicade Queer, by Danila Bustamante. Bodies that listen, dance, resist, manifest and become visible in our contemporary city. Bodies that dance the sounds of funk music, rap, samba, voguing, waacking, among other sonic styles of contestation, resistance and struggle. Through talks, dinners, experiences and exchanges, a city seeks to discuss how…

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Please, touch me (PT/EN)

[*Alberto Pereira Jr. first made ‘Please, touch me’ for a 2019 workshop in São Paulo. His production notes are the third in a series that also includes a project abstract #movingtarget and creative writing, ELE. xo, Todd] PT Instigado por um workshop realizado no instituto Itaú Cultural, sobre estigma e produção artística contemporânea em relação…

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Socket Wrench

[*A few years ago (2013), graphic artist Beldan Sezen was in the Netherlands and needed some quick photos of a historic scene. The graphic short she was making is called HOMOE, set in 1964 pre-Stonewall NYC, about a man remembering the homophobic murder of his neighbor “back in the day.” We decided to trade my…

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alvos desde sempre porque não hegemônicos corpos reclassificados incômodos inconformes marginais seculares preto feminino não-binário trans intersexual refugiado positivo imigrado expulso indígena . sacrificado . Mas em movimento! . Body Work and conception: Alberto Pereira Jr. @albertopereirajrBody Art: DIG Ferreira @digferreiraImages: Flavio Melgarejo @ffmelgarejo See also, by Alberto Pereira Jr: #ELE Please, touch me (PT/EN)

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Capitalismo Viral

[*Bruno Mendonça e Felipe Caprestano – Terra Falsa (parte do projeto “Nenhuma Intenção Revolucionária”)] O uso da palavra vírus para além do campo das ciências biológicas teve início a partir da década de 1980 com o desenvolvimento da cultura hacker, assim como ao longo da mesma década foi sendo assumido por outras áreas.Essa passagem conceitual…

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Act 1 is Over

[ACT I entailed a lot of things, and one of the most significant outputs is a GAME made by project members and artists/designers in Egypt. There is also this very cool GIF made by Brazilian designer, Gustavo Marcasse. Overall, ACT I was meant to be rather playful! Now, we’re working on ACT I.5 in support…

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puppy luv + cloth hearts

So George and I had this idea for an intervention in the São Paulo AIDS Walk, which happens on or around World AIDS Day, December 1 (yesterday). A group of us (somos) made a poetry, film and performance sarau, Somos (Mais) Sarau Transante was on Saturday evening, November 30 to get us in the mood for the intense day…

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Relatoría Sesión #6 – Disidencia Sonora

Laboratorio Luciérnagas Relatoría 24 Agosto sesión #6 disidencia sonora artista invitado: Mauricio Rivera Henao lugar: Adorno – Liberia Relatoría: Mauricio Rivera es artista sonoro, también trabaja con video e instalaciones. Tiene una pregunta constante por el territorio. Disidencia = contra hegemónico Obra: un diálogo con el lago Titicaca Paisaje sonoro: retratar los paisajes en término…

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Eu tive Aids por 2 meses

_____________________________________ Support Marina Vergueiro’s crowdfunding for the PROJETO EXPOSTA _____________________________________ Eu tive Aids por dois meses.Há 7 anos, eu tive Aids por dois meses.AIDS.AIDS mesmo.Olha só.Não morri.Eu continuo aqui.A Aids não.Ela vazou.Evaporou de mimE sumiu.A Aids é coisa do meu passado,Desde que me tornei indetectável.Já o HIV sobreviveuAssim como eu.O HIV é um vírus que…

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Relatoría Sesión #4 – Arte / Fronteras

Laboratorio Luciérnagas Relatoría 27 Julio sesión #4    Arte y fronteras políticas Invitadas: Melissa Guevara Artista Laura Echeverri Abogada derechos humanos Relatoría: Melisa Guevara es artista Salvadoreña. Habló del libro “Luciérnagas en el Mozote” que contiene narraciones y testimonios sobre la masacre (1981) mas grande que ha sucedió en américa latina, 900 muertos perpetrados por…

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Relatoría Sesión #1 – Contexto del cuerpo en las Artes

Laboratorio LuciérnagasRelatoría 15 junio sesión #1 Contexto del cuerpo en las Artes (para artistas y no artistas) Escuchamos la pieza sonora de John Cage “canción para Marcel Duchamp”. Hicimos cuadernos de notas para tomar anotaciones. ¿Por qué del laboratorio? Lineamientos. Cada uno habló de cómo se relaciona con los contenidos del laboratorio Contexto del cuerpo…

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The Gathering

Introduction In “A Conversation with Eric Rhein,” an interview on this website, Eric was asked about some writing he’d done: a text which corresponds with many of the themes in his recent exhibition, Lifelines. Eric followed-up with this memoir, written in 1998, and we are happy that he’s shared it with us here. The Gathering…

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Love Heals

Being invited to write as an artist, to be celebrated for the campaign Positive Affirmation Day, felt great. I had a sense of pride, a warmth, a worthiness, feelings that I am learning to cultivate, so sure, I’ll support Love Positive Women, tell me more… “Luv til it hurts” “Ummm”   Now I feel unsettled,…

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Piece: $oropositivaCollage on greaseproof paper and serigraphy30x 40 Micaela Cyrino, 30, is a visual artist and militant of sexual and reproductive rights, blackness, and HIV / AIDS, in her artistic work and in her participation in groups such as Coletivo Amem. She graduated in Visual Arts from Santa Marcelina University. (São Paulo, Brazil)

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