Viral Love #LPW2020

[*I first met Oma working in the legal aid clinic for Iraqi refugees in Cairo set up by Barbara Harrell-Bond back in 2007. To read more about our background, check out A series for LovePositiveWomen2020 and What do a Sudanese Mom Search the Internet for?, as well as a description of LUV’s ACT 1.5 (LovePositiveWomen2020). Thanks for being there, Oma! xo Todd]

Viral Love, Unconditional One!

Friend’s Love

I enjoyed having a very special and unique friendship with few yet very unique persons. As a Sudanese woman, it is not a frequent thing to happen. That adds more allure to the whole thing, it is such a blessing, a grace, and a gift from the greatest lover ever: “Allah,” I muchly thank for his almighty!

Found Todd once again online in the last year, and he talked to me about the Love Positive Women Project, introduced me to the idea and website, and I tuned in – in no time – actually, as I had already been with him since the very beginning.

Recently, unconditional love was something that settled in my thoughts and dreams, so it wasn’t strange to have my digital steps stumble upon such a lovely project. Feeling the necessity to participate and do what I have to do, I talked to one of my friends and she agreed to participate all at once. I talked to a few more, and got only two to stand up with me and they were more than enough, Fatima, Randa, and Sharif, all of them are ready to hold a meeting where they conquer – with love – the stigma castles that are spread all over our community!

I was happy to get their support and proceed in finding a tailor to make some hearts, according to George’s design, to give away as a living memory for this living love. We are not sure if we are ever going to meet a real HIV+ women or even men, we are not sure we will ever see an AIDS patient to show our sweet feelings to. Though we prepared the heart anyway and will provide them to people who are willing to hand them out to HIV+/AIDS patients, women and men, to show them that it is impossible to find a lit up-heart in the darkness of a collective state of denial!

I hope we can meet at least three groups during these 14 days of love for Love Positive Women, and that we will put the seed for unconditional love in the heart of Sudan, that one day will provide its fruits for all!

Thanks Jessica, Todd, George, Paula, et all.

Love for all positive women, men and children!


لنحبّ المتعايشات
Love Positive Women
حملة للحب نهديهه للسيدات حاملات فيروس نقص المناعة المكتسب، تقام كل عام في النصف الأول من شهر فبراير. حملة عالمية،
ابتدأت فكرة في عام 2012 وخرجت من القلب تنبض بالحب في العام 2013.
الهدف من هذه الحملة هو رفع الوعي حول النساء والفتيات المتعايشات مع فيروس نقص المناعة المكتسب، وذلك عبر توظيف
وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي لنصع سلسلة من العبارات الودودة في المجتمعات المحلية. وفي ظل عيد الحب، تمثل حملة لنحبّ
الإيجابيات منصة للأفراد والمجتمعات لمشاركة الحب من خلال أنشطة عامة أو خاصة، وتقديم الرعاية للنساء المتعايشات مع
فيروس نقص المناعة المكتسب.
تتجاوز حملة لنحبّ المتعايشات الحب الرومانسي إلى المحبة المجتمعية العميقة، والعدالة الاجتماعية. هي نداء للعمل. وتتطلب من
المشاركين قضاء بعض الوقت في التفكير حول ما يمكن تقديمه كنساء متعايشات أو حلفاء لهن، لتوفير شيء من المحبة تجاه
المتعايشات. يمكن تحقيق هذا التغيير من خلال الانشطة. والعمل من مركز قوة، حيث يركز مشروع لنحبّ المتعايشات Love
Positive Women على فكرة التواصل المشترك، وبناء العلاقات، وحبّ الذات، وحب المجتمع. وعند العمل من القلب وبأمر
الحب، تتبدى أمامنا عددا لا نهائياً من الطرق لبناء مجتمعات قوية. بينما تنعقد حملة لنحبّ الإيجابيات بشكل أساسي في الفترة 1-14
فبراير، فهي تظل رمزا يبينن كيف يكون العالم مختلفاً أثناء العام.
لقد شاركت مجموعات عدة من 45 بلداً وأكثر في تغيير الحيوات ووضع بصمة مختلفة من خلال أنشطة الحب. لنحبّ المتعايشات
مشروع مستمر أسسته جيسيكا وايتبريد الفنانة والعضوة في Visual AIDS . ستشارك مبادرة الحبّ حتى الألم Luv Til It
Hurts في الاحتفاء بالنساء الفنانات المتعايشات مع فيروس الأيدز في مجتمعنا من خلال تسليط الضوء على واحدة منهن في كل من
الأيام الأربعة عشر من فبراير 2019، ونحن في توق شديد لتكريم سيداتنا!
وبدورنا نشجّع الجميع في محيطنا بأن يشاركوا ويضعوا بصمتهم الخاصة في مجتمعاتهم وينشروا الحبّ على وسائل التواصل
الاجتماعي #lovepositivewomen

What do a Sudanese Mom Search the Internet for?

Sudanese like other people of this planet, search for many things, some are really important researches and of course there are other things that are also important, …,etc!
For me I am a Sudanese, I search every day about jobs for Home Based or Remote Arabic Web Content Writers. Secondly in order come searches for guides, guide to write, guide to sew, guide to solve children problems, guide to education, guide to learn, and a lot of self learning projects and subjects. Other times I research about home remedies for health issues, skin and hair care. I also search about easy and quick recipes that is good for old people, toddlers and people with health issues.
I search for uses of a word, or a meaning of another, film reviews, book reviews, and names of actors, actresses and scientists or doctors.
Some times I search for good erotic books and stories, I look sometimes for free photos to use for my numerous profiles on micro-service web platforms. I search for photos of cosmetics and medications, and children, or adult fashion designs.

I search for educating songs for my children, or a beautiful song that I listened to recently or heard about, I search the YouTube for new Kasha and Masha clips, it is very nice and funny yet meaningful Russian silent cartoon series. I really recommend every one watch it, though I download it for children but I love it my self enjoy watching Kasha and Masha over and over with my little girls!

Sometimes in the past I used to search the internet for new Henna styles and patterns, I love Sudanese Henna drawings and consider it one of the genius feminine arts that women in Sudan are practicing in daily and common basis.
Long time ago I used to spend long hours on the internet to read poetry and prose, in Arabic, may be soon I will be doing that, and also will search for English poetry, so as to improve my English level (It will be my lifetime task!), I am dreaming of adding learning French to my daily hectic activities, Oh daily activities, it is another long story, will write about in a different post! I wish you have enjoyed reading this one, please forgive me for any dullness, mistakes and imperfections, one of the most important reasons I created this blog is to practice writing in English, but practice makes “mistakes” as well as Perfection!


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