House of Zion Debut at Luv ‘Til It Hurts Launch

[*Before Pony Zion took part in Cidade Queer and Luv ’til it Hurts, I had the opportunity to attend one of his workshops in Lecce, Italy. xot]

In his own words, Pony Zion describes his motivation for sharing his dance performance and choreography on the occasion of Luv ’til it Hurts‘ NYC launch:

“This is one of those extremely special moments in time when we get to connect in artistic communication and celebrate one another through the expression within our gifts and on top of important platforms that were  built to Lead, Learn and Love. Together, let’s explore our imagination, share our minds and live by our talents by engaging in our Luv ‘TIL it Hurts.”

Pony Zion is a father, dancer, choreographer, performer, creative director and Icon of the House of Zion. He started the House of Zion in NYC and helped open its first chapter in São Paulo, Brazil. Pony has starred in various videos and films, including Lanes (2015) and Vogue Theory (2015) that discusses the impact of Voguing on NYC youth, and is the founder of Vogue Revolution.  

House of Zion

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