HIV/AIDS Testimonial Art Story

Joyce McDonald is an artist in many senses of the word. She is, of course, a literal artist: a talented painter and sculptor whose works often capture in stark relief the gamut of emotions she’s experienced throughout her colorful life. Joyce is also a weaver of words: not just as a poet or a songwriter (she is both), but also as speaker for her church’s AIDS ministry and assistant director of its children’s choir. We are celebrating her for Love Positive Women 2019.

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  1. That’s beautiful!! The sculpture says so much about grief and anguish and torment and prayer and wrestling with the physical emotional and the spiritual. You words are so precise and clear. Your voice carries so much history. So many narratives about womanhood black womanhood the church the plantation the urban poor working class the southern poor sacrament marriage ownership betrayal illness terror toiling freedom discovery of self and wellness are being told all at once in
    such a restrained but immensely profound way.


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