Luv Till It Hurts by Kairon Liu

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 18 from 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: October 18-28, 2018

El Museo de Los Sures
120 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Written Essays and Media:

Luv Til It Hurts

am grateful for community. For me, I find the most healing when I find community with others living with HIV. When I can share and hold space with another survivor (anyone still living with the virus is a survivor).

Embroidery and curating non-artists

My upstairs neighbor, Carué is a medical doctor and AIDS activist. While he doesn’t front as artist, he has a cool project (that occurs to me as artistic) by which he asks for a piece of clothing.


PORTRAIT OF AN ORAL HISTORY BETWEEN KARION LIU & THEODORE (ted) KERR A.He is an artist and I am a writer. We call each other Kai and Ted. We are both short, cis-gender, gay men. He has black hair. I don’t have hair.  We are from different parts of the world. I am from Canada,…


Hi all this is a report that the musician that worked with me producing and thinking the music of my last completed worked named “Fantasia casi soneto después de una lectura de dan(c)e” sent me

AIDS 2018 Journal

As I have struggled at the many crossroads in my life, I have never thought one day I will embrace such thing that I used to disregard in my everyday life, and even carry it go on a journey for staying alive.

Luv ’til it Hurts

   1. Across generations of continents What do it mean to be haunted? by a virus. A bluegrass grandma in Sparta, Tennessee died today; So did Ntozake Shange. I wonder is it was they knew each other? Ntozake and grandma? the yellow / the red / the Asian pacific islander / the poor poor white…